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Send electronic invoices anywhere from any country in the world

Be ready for the global e-invoicing standard using our certified international Peppol Access Point.

  • Exchange documents with any other Access Point in the world
  • Fulfill tax and legal requirement in each country
  • Reduce the complexity of the cross-border invoicing and e-procurement
  • Open your business to a global network

Are you developing your business network worlwide?

Be compliant sending e-invoices through Peppol


All EU members, by November 27th 2018, were obliged to introduce e-invoice for public procurement and many European countries  have declined this obligation for all economic operators and all central, regional and local Public Authorities.

Even though PEPPOL it was initially designed for Business-to-Government (B2G), it is getting more and more popular in Business-to-Business (B2B) communication as well. Nowadays you can access more than 80,000 buyers and hundreds of thousands of suppliers across the Europe through the PEPPOL network.

Furthermore, the Peppol standard is spreading far beyond the European scenario and many countries in the world are starting the adoption of Peppol network standards. 

Australia and New Zealand announce transition to PEPPOL for e- invoicing by end of 2019 and Singapore has been, in May 2019, the first country in Asia and the first outside Europe to establish a PEPPOL Authority.

Companies that won't be able to manage the new standards and processes, defined in order to create a digital single market, will renounce to the many business opportunities and internal efficiency that are emerging.


The scenario
All EU members, by November 27, 2018, were obliged to introduce e-invoice for public procurement. 9 Countries out of the 28 European Union Countries have already declined this obligation for all economic operators and all public authorities. Peppol standard is spreading far beyond the European scenario and many countries in the world are starting the adoption of Peppol network standards.
Peppol network
PEPPOL is an EU standard network to share trading documents digitally between buyers and sellers. It enables organisations to connect with all partners in one single system. Specifically, is a set of open and interoperable technical specifications across P2P business processes.
The standard format
The Peppol European standard allows two XML formats when exchanging information: UBL (Universal Business Language) and CII (Cross Industry Invoice). In Peppol, the European standard is referred to as PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.
What it's for
Peppol manages the network of e-document exchange services in the B2G and B2B models. Any company could use this network to send and receive e-invoices as soon as it chooses one of the certified OpenPEPPOL Access Points.

Ready to overcome national barriers on online transactions?

DocuMI è Access Point PEPPOL

DocuMI is an Access Point and SMP PEPPOL Provider. DocuMI allow you to send e-invoices to all your foreign customers - both B2G and B2B - and receive them from all your suppliers around the world, using a single provider and standard format for all.

+ 34 mln
E-invoices sent and received in 2019
+ 100
National and international Partners
Years of experience in the digitalization market

Sending and receiving e-invoices through Peppol DocuMI infrastructure



Doesn't matter where you are, send and receive e-invoices worldwide.

Be global and compliant sending and receiving e-invoices through DocuMI certified internation Peppol Access Point.

Send and receive electronic invoices worldwide
Centralize the management of your entire invoice cycle managing both local invoices and invoices from/to foreign customers and suppliers in a single solution.
ERP integration
Integrate your ERP with our solution and takes advantage of automatic conversion in UBL XML
Search and visualize in PDF
YouDOX automatically converts UBL XML electronic invoices into readable PDF format, to make them available to you in your archive.
Full legally-compliance
YouDOX will ensure you compliance with local country and EU trade regulations. Fulfill tax and legal requirement in each country.
Centralize the P2P process
Reduce the complexity on invoices formats using a single, interoperable standard with all your international customers and suppliers.
Long term preservation
Fiscally archive, without any effort, electronic invoices in our AgID - Agency for Digital Italy - certified storage system.

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